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How are you?  Really, how are you? 

A few of us find ourselves in situations where we are thriving–feeling like we are in our sweet spot and being appreciated for our unique gifts.  If we are in that place, it is usually because of some combination of trial and error and luck.  Some of us find ourselves living manageable lives by taking a path we would not choose to take again.  And others of us stumble around and take steps which don’t actually lead us anywhere in particular.  We take one step forward only to take two steps back.  Imagine having a way of charting a course toward thriving both personally and professionally.  We think there is a way–the StrengthsWay.

It starts on the inside:  Learning about yourself and your strengths, defining who you are, who you are not, clarifying your values, assessing your resources, and defining your version of success.

And then it moves toward a way of living on the outside: Living a way which expresses all the things you’ve clarified, investing time and energy into those relationships and goals which are truly important to you.

Coaching with StrengthsWay provides a path toward a life in which you will thrive. You will discover a way to work and live from the inside out. We provide a consistent source of accountability and encouragement and learning opportunities, just like taking a good class…except that you get to design your syllabus and assign your grades.

The StrengthsWay is marked by 4 milestones along your path:

AWARENESS Milestone    TEAM Milestone   DISCOVER Milestone  ACTION Milestone

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