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Here are some questions you might have as you prepare to take the next step.

Q. What is the coaching process like?

A. The coaching process helps you work toward your goals in a structured way.  Sessions include clarifying questions like: What is your ideal in this situation? Where are you at?  What is holding you back?  What’s your next step?  Reflective listening and honest feedback is guaranteed while holding your objectives in mind along the way.

Q. What happens if I’d like to work with you for individual coaching?

A.  The process of beginning work together is very simple. After you fill out the contact form by email, we will put a date on the calendar to connect by phone.  When a good fit is determined, you will receive a Welcome Packet by email through which you can explain your context for Strengths exploration.  We will schedule time to talk through your Welcome Packet, you’ll be sent a code and instructions for taking the StrengthsFinder,  and we schedule time for a one-hour session to flesh out your Strengths.  Our third meeting will be where we connect the dots between your Strengths and how you’d like to use them to further your success.    We will meet (by phone or face) at a frequency which best supports you (minimum twice monthly, rates begin $300/month).

Q. Why do I need a StrengthsFinder package?

A. The StrengthsFinder package is for folks who simply want a read on their Strengths.  Need a boost?  Perhaps you just took the assessment in your workplace, and feel unsatisfied with your understanding of your results, or you just want new insight on what you do well.  The StrengthsFinder package is a good way to experience how an assessment tool combined with personalized feedback can change your outlook.  It gives you a fresh perspective on who you are, and gives clues about your best self, and where you can thrive.

Q. What happens after I have completed the StrengthsFinder package?

A. At that time, if you sense that additional coaching would be beneficial to you, please let us know and you will be sent a welcome packet. Once you fill out the documents included in your packet, we will determine what you’d like to gain generally and /or specifically through our coaching relationship and you will choose the frequency of our calls (2-45 min sessions or 3-30 min sessions) so that they will best support your needs for accountability and encouragement.


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