Your StrengthsWay

How we create your path together.

The StrengthsWay is marked by 4 milestones along your path:

AWARENESS Milestone    TEAM Milestone   DISCOVER Milestone  ACTION Milestone

your strengths way






AWARENESS:  How well do you know yourself?  Do you know what you do well as a person?  How about as an organization?

Part of awareness is having a solid identity. Many try to define themselves by what they do and other external measures.  Knowing your strengths, how you live and work best, is an intrinsic aspect of your identity. Defining what makes you or your group stand out uniquely can bring you and those you serve both confidence, and assurance that you and your organization will navigate change gracefully.  StrengthsWay offers a great introduction to the AWARENESS Milestone with their StrengthsFinder Package for yourself or your group.


TEAM:  Who are the people you go to for leadership, ideas, friendships, or for simply getting things done?

Generally speaking, we Americans have valued becoming well-rounded individuals; we work on fixing the things we lack so we can become less dependent on others, and more self-sufficient.  I believe that we humans are made for relationship and are far better off becoming more inter-dependent.  When we know our Strengths, we can then also accept our limitations.  This gives us freedom from the burden of feeling like we have to know, be, or do-it-all, all by ourselves.  Gaining knowledge and language for putting certain kinds of people around you for personal support or team optimization is an important key to success.  In the StrengthsWay SF package, individuals receive a report with suggestions on the kinds of people with which to build powerful partnerships.  With groups, StrengthsWay provides a spreadsheet of the team’s Strengths as well as insight for increasing its effectiveness.

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