Your Strengths Way

Where will you thrive?

Let your Strengths lead the way.

Do you feel capable but directionless? Competent and yet a bit confused? Goal oriented but stuck?

Through individual coaching you will gain:

  • clarity,
  • focus,
  • courage.

Getting coached is a great way to add accountability and encouragement to your life. With this consistent support, you will experience traction you haven’t before. You will make measurable progress in areas ranging from making a career change to simplifying your surroundings.  We will establish our coaching connection over three conversations.

1. After answering some questions in the Welcome Packet we will explore some of the factors and the context for which you are  assessing your Strengths.

2. Next, we will examine your Top 5 Strengths as identified via the Clifton StrengthsFinder, and how those strengths are currently manifested in your life and work.

3. Then, you will choose an area of focus, define what success looks like, and we will go from there!

Get started with a StrengthsFinder package:

Identify your 5 Strengths by taking the StrengthsFinder Assessment.* Discover, understand and assess how to leverage your Strengths in your current roles and relationships through one-on-one coaching.

*This introductory package includes:

1 StrengthsFinder code (access to assessment online)

60-minute Strengths debriefing session by phone to explore how your strengths play out currently, with ideas for developing them further

A Personalized Strengths Report, which includes business insights, clarifies what the 4 Domains tell you about your strengths and provides partnering recommendations for success.

Cost $300

Personalized StrengthsFinder report

Personal/business coaching for individual monthly clients:

Where are you going?  Take some time refine your values and how your strengths play into what you might want and need for life and business success.  Whether you are transitioning into a new career, looking to develop your business’s mission or your personal vision, determining what’s next in life, going through transition, or just feeling stuck, getting clarity and traction on your course will help you.  For individuals, 2-45 minute coaching sessions with Jen over the course of one month:

• pinpointing issues

• identifying outcomes

• further ideas on Strengths application

• refining your mission,

• values clarification

Cost: $300



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