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Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

If we think of coaching as putting people in the right roles, setting clear expectations, and praising accomplishments, then the more coaching managers do, the better it is for their organizations. (GMJ, 10/2004)

There’s an old saying that, in any given organization, 20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. Oddly enough, there’s no old saying that explains why. Why do some people just show up for work and others love their jobs?

More to the point, what motivates your employees to work hard, imagine new ways forward, and drive your company’s success?  Is it the rich opportunities you give them to utilize their natural strengths?  It should be. According to Gallup research, the single best indicator of a person’s professional success is how strongly he or she agrees with this statement:

“At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.”

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Workers succeed at what they do best. But far too many companies fail to ask the obvious follow-up question—do we actually understand what each of our people does best? Do our managers know how to identify, understand, and release the power of our employees’ natural potential? Organizations that identify their employees’ strengths and create regular opportunities to use them get more done. They even have more fun doing it.

By contrast, consider that virtually all employees are motivated by recognition at work—but 65 percent of American employees reported receiving zero recognition at work in the last year (Gallup Management Journal, October 14, 2004). How can companies throw away such obvious opportunities to help their people be productive?

You don’t have to. You can do it right. And we can help. By partnering with StrengthsWay, you can create an organization with employees who build on their natural strengths, enjoy their work, connect to the purposes of the company and continually find new ways to boost the bottom line. StrengthsWay can help you discover your employees’ natural strengths and talents and use them to build a better, more productive company.

The Strengths Path Process for business teams and organizational groups includes all or part of the following:

  1.  Individual Development
    i.     Free initial consultation
    ii.     Communication of overall individual and team development plan
    iii.     1 hour Individual Strengths Feedback and Coaching for team members
  2.  Team Development
    i.     Planning meeting with Leader to agree on outcomes for team session.
    ii.     Team Strengths Performance Workshops, Lunch Sessions, or Retreats
  3. Debriefing Meeting with Leader
    i.     One debriefing session with Group Leader and/or additional key leaders reviewing the talents of each team member.  Provide recommendations for sustainable growth of individuals and team.  Strategies to manage and develop team members based on talent assessment.

    Cost:  Price varies based on number of participants, and length and number of Workshops and debriefing sessions

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Types of organizations and projects with which we have worked:

MRO commodity management: Conducted a Strengths conference call for a team of salespeople in various locations across the US to promote team unity and to rally around sales goals

Supplier/manufacturer to the automotive aftermarket: President and directors went through individual StrengthsFinder and team strengths workshop for better communication

Semi-conductor industry: Manager and group of engineers evaluated team StrengthsFinder results for better communication, employee engagement

Non-profit organization:  Strengths coaching was provided at director level to match role fit to current team functions; individual StrengthsFinder sessions and daylong workshop

Non-profit preschool: StrengthsFinder workshop for enhanced communication

Financial sector: Small financial office bought StrengthsFinder packages, individual coaching, and workshop to foster communication and understanding and to shape roles for president and employees

Fitness industry: Provided individual StrengthsFinder and group workshop for tennis department to facilitate communication and increase engagement with department goals

Church: StrengthsFinder assessments for staff who went through group workshop debriefing to enhance communication and better shape roles