Group Coaching for Businesses

Group Coaching for Businesses

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StrengthsWay Group Coaching for Organizations

Turn your attention to what your employees do well and unleash their peak performance through strengths coaching. Jen Miller coaches teams of people within small to mid-sized companies who would like to deploy their strengths, maximize their effectiveness and boost team morale.  Group Coaching for Organizations is especially beneficial for managers of groups and functional teams, for renewing team dynamics after a company re-organization, optimizing executive staff communication, on-boarding, and overall team training and development.

“If we think of coaching as putting people in the right roles, setting clear expectations, and praising accomplishments, then the more coaching managers do, the better it is for their organizations.”  (GMJ, 10/2004)

As part of the coaching process, you and your team members take the Gallup Organization’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® online assessment.  Next, Jen facilitates individual coaching sessions to help each team member recognize how their strengths are manifested in day-to-day life and especially how they can be leveraged more effectively on the job.  Then, either through on-site group sessions or in group-wide conference calls Jen leads your team through engaging exercises which dynamically foster communication, understanding, and mutual appreciation.  The coaching process is tailored to your company’s goals and objectives, while providing the long term benefit of equipping the team leader to be a more effective and inspiring strengths-oriented leader.

Why StrengthsWay?

Combining coaching methodologies (see Return On Investment) with Gallup’s widely regarded assessment tool and Jen’s relational expertise, Group Coaching for Businesses provides the first step toward a strengths-based management approach in your organization, and is an effective way to boost your team’s communication, productivity, and enthusiasm.

Jen’s experience as a trainer in a leadership organization, her work with a variety of community leaders and her crisp yet engaging style enable her to bring fresh, contagious energy and a discerning perspective to your organization.  Her candid communication and relational style make your coaching experience with Strengths Way both empowering and fun.

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Your team’s leader/manager will gain:

  • A  spreadsheet detailing the team’s combined strengths
  • Access to a unique Strengths website
  • Insight on how to make more appropriate delegations
  • A new “strengths-oriented” vocabulary
  • Tools  to manage individual strengths
  • Insight on what motivates their team members to perform optimally

As a result your team will gain:

  • A  spreadsheet detailing the team’s combined strengths
  • Access to a unique Strengths website
  • A  new “strengths-oriented” vocabulary
  • Improved communication
  • A  working knowledge of their individual and collective strengths
  • Better teamwork
  • Improved effectiveness

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