StrengthsFinder Stocking Stuffers

StrengthsFinder Stocking Stuffers

Individualization is in my Top 5 which means I love to tailor conversations and gifts for my clients, family and friends. I was thinking that maybe you’d also like a little inspiration to give a special gift of appreciation for someone who has a Strengths theme that shines!  Oh yeah, and if they don’t know their Strengths, send them my way. I’ve got gift certificates for StrengthsFinder packages that would make fantastic stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. 😉

– Jen

2013 Stocking Stuffer List for Strengths

Activator: A coupon for a day full of adventure that he/she doesn’t have to plan or drive to

Achiever: A dinner invitation to celebrate one of their accomplishments

Adaptability—coupon for 8 hours of no commitments to fill how you’d like

Analytical: A map, or graph or spreadsheet of data on a topic they are interested in (financials on a stock etc.)

Arranger:  a puzzle.

Belief: A conversation-starting question on what he/she think is important about family.
Communication: A gift card for them to indulge in their favorite form of communication (music, art, books, etc.)

Command: Written permission to be the boss for 4 hours on one day

Competition: An invitation to a rousing game of Checkers

Connectedness: A Far Side calendar or some other wacky/witty humor

Consistency: a coupon for breakfast in bed (they can order choose the menu, day and time they want it) or a precision timepiece

Context—a good biography

Deliberative: a widget to fidget with while contemplating decisions
Developer: a list of 15 things you really appreciate about him or her–including what you’ve learned from him/her

Discipline: A gift card to “Storables”

Empathy: A soft & cozy pair of socks with coupon for a foot massage

Focus: a coupon for 2 hours of uninterrupted time for whatever project or leisure activity they want to engage in
Futuristic: An invitation to talk out loud about how they imagine being in 15 years (job, leisure, travel etc.). No strings attached.

Harmony: a coupon for some time together which includes activities and conversations around subjects you both enjoy
Includer: A coupon with permission to invite ANY 15 people of their choosing to meet in public or have over for dessert
Ideation: A brainstorming session on a wacky idea. Just for fun.

Individualization: handmade art or jewelry with lots of detail

Input: An online or snail mail subscription to the New Yorker or Popular Science or Word of the Day club/desk calendar
Intellection: invitation to a lecture

Learner: New language learning software, invitation to a lecture, or tuition for a class


Positivity: Some happy music…maybe some Sweet Colleens?

Relator: arrange a date for coffee with one of his/her old friends (make a coupon for the stocking)
Responsibility: A pair of earplugs (to muffle whatever verbal requests are lingering in the air)
Restorative: an easy problem to fix (broken flashlight?),

Self Assurance: Develop a list of the small acts of persistence that have lead to his/her success in something (job/relationship etc.)

Significance: A note about how that person has changed/influenced your life for the good

Strategic: A clue to where the next clue might be hid to find the clue about the stocking stuffer–maybe Sudoku or some word puzzles

Woo: A party invitation to somewhere they know nobody prior to the event


StrengthsFinder Stocking

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