Why StrengthsFinder®?

In addition to a clear destination, a defined starting point is essential to a successful journey.  Determining your particular assets according to the Gallup Organization’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment is a good place to start.  The StrengthsFinder is a secure online timed assessment composed of 180 pairs of self descriptors to which a person is asked to choose the one which describes him/her best and the extent to which it does so.  The results of the 40 minute assessment are the person’s top five talent themes, or strengths.  Our strengths are our innate resources which we use to some extent everyday.  While our strengths do not limit what we do, they give us clues about the kinds of roles and relationships in which we can thrive.

StrengthsFinder materials

Unlike other personality assessments that lump a person into one of 4 or maybe 16 categories, the StrengthsFinder® results create a sense of uniqueness and personal identity.  Statistically speaking, a person would have to interview 278,256 people to find one person with the same top 5 strengths.  Furthermore, a person would have to interview 33.4 million others to find one person with the same top 5 strengths in the same order!

Coach JenHow well-researched and reliable is the StrengthsFinder®?

Criterion-related and predictive validity studies were used to craft the StrengthsFinder®, in addition to the knowledge and insight gained from 30 years of studying talent and success.  The assessment accurately measures enduring human qualities with an average correlation of an individual’s theme ranking across multiple time periods being .74 according to a study conducted over 17 months with a sample of 706 individuals.  Currently, there is continued research to determine the assessment’s reliability over longer periods of time.

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