Letter from Jeff


Before my appointment with Jennifer, I had sat on my StrengthsFinder results for nearly two years. My meeting with her made all the difference between knowing my results and understanding them. Because of her insights, I was enlightened and encouraged. Thanks, Jen! – Deirdre

Jen’s ability to keep the end result in mind and the way she led our journey was friendly, un-intimidating and clear. – Bridget

Feeling stuck? I was unable to imagine life retired (and well past the age to quit working). Stuck and almost depressed. Jen was skilled at helping me focus on understanding the underlying fears keeping me inert. Our conversations encouraged me to move forward with increased energy and confidence. Self awareness encountered, resentments exposed and future anticipated, I look forward to an occasional touch up conversation to hold me accountable for the more balanced life I am developing. – Rosemary

I contacted Jen when I realized that I was procrastinating about investigating and committing to my new life of retirement. She was exactly who I needed to help structure my planning, and she was the cheering section I relied on to make progress toward my goals.  Everyone can benefit from a Jen in their lives whenever they realize they are stuck in “good intentions” that go nowhere, when they are living out of dreams which don’t seem to make it into real life, when they are facing one of life’s many transitional stages.  I loved the structure of having sensible homework assignments as well as the opportunity to laugh with a wonderful affirming friend. Working with Jen was the best gift I ever gave myself. – Elizabeth

Jen is an incredible listener and helped us define our struggles clearly without making those struggles define us as failures. She helped us focus on our dreams and helped us simplify the core issues. I feel we have come away with very clear assignments that will help us move forward toward our mission and vision with success! – Scott

Jen Miller helped us see some of our gaps, blindspots and points of confusion by leading us with her acute perception and grasp of clarity. Her honesty and sensitivity was critical in leading us out of the fog of organizational chaos and into the light of hope, progress, and success. – Paige

Our coaching time has been rewarding because it has allowed me the freedom to discover…to “see the sights” in my life. – Matt

I am challenged by too much information; Jennifer uses her skills to cut through all the fluff and zero in on what’s essential. I appreciate her leadership. – Susan

Jennifer Miller’s strengths helped me learn about my own.
 – Amy

Jen is approachable, insightful, and a great reader of situations, personalities and abilities. Best of all, she focuses on her clients’ strengths. Rather than coaching from her point of view, she attempts (and succeeds) at approaching decisions from her client’s point of view. – Joyce

Jen is an incredibly creative and intuitive Life Coach. She has the ability to ask the right questions, and never puts words in your mouth. – Josh

Jen’s skills supported our family during a time of significant transition. Our coaching time with Jen helped us to clarify our focus and intentions together as we structured our lives to accommodate a new business, re-established family and faith priorities, and shifted scheduling and financial parameters. – Rachel

We are a more focused, united and effective group now than we were before we worked with Jen. – John

Thank you Jen for the help! Our time assessing and discussing my strengths made me realize that all of those traits that I always saw as my weaknesses are actually things that make me unique. Your guidance and ideas on how to embrace them is making me an unstoppable force in my personal and business life. With your help I’ve gotten 2013 on track to be my best year yet! – Ashley

I had been in times of transitions before and navigated quite well but this time was different.  I was walking deeper into the wilderness without discovering a map to lead me out.  Beginning to doubt my own instincts and insights, I decided to seek the help of a Life Coach for the first time.  Finding Jen was manna from heaven.  Her interest in both the facts and feelings of my story led me quickly to profoundly trust her.  While never making the map for me, her questions and listening helped me tap into old wisdom and new insights.  In a few sessions, I could image a path to the new place for my life that I had been searching for.  Now, many months later, I am still utilizing what I learned working with Jen even as the map continually changes and delights me. -Anne